The Master Cleanse unofficial teaser

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Hey soul friends, check out the first teaser trailer for my upcoming short film. If you think the footage shows potential, help us get through post-production by contributing to my fundraiser at:

12 Tips for Better Film Editing

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Great tips!



I’m currently cutting a digital feature and this has made me think about editing styles. Here are an even dozen tips that I feel will make any budding film editor better at this craft. I’m sure not everyone will agree with all of these points, since they come out of my own approach and style. Nevertheless, I hope they offer some takeaway value for you.

1. Cut tight – The best editing approach is to cut tight scenes without becoming too “cutty”. This means taking out unnecessary pauses between actors’ delivery of dialogue lines. Sometimes it mean tightening the gaps within dialogue sentences through the use of carefully placed cutaways. It may also mean losing redundant lines of dialogue, after the director has reviewed your cut.

In general, my approach is to start with a cut that is precise from the beginning as opposed to cutting the first pass sloppy…

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How to Live with Your Parents

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How to Live with Your Parents

Click for my review of How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) in Slant Magazine.

The Bailout (Parks and Recreation S5 EP16)

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Read my review of The Bailout (Parks and Recreation S5 EP16) in Indiewire!



It’s a wrap!!!

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Hey soul friends!

So, we wrapped principal photography a few days ago and we’re excited to show you some gorgeous stills from the shoot (sans color grading). Stay tuned for occasional bits of news from the post-production front. You can follow the project HERE (just click “follow).

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My Interview with BAM

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My Interview with BAM

“Every year, BAM Education offers the Young Film Critics program to high school students. It’s a series of free after school classes taught by veteran NYC film instructor Josh Cabatt. 

New members of our production team!

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We’re excited to have two new members join The Master Cleanse team in the roles of Production Manager and Locations Manager!1130696_i_dsc2904.jpg

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