Invocation of my Demon Brother (1969)

Directed by Kenneth Anger

Starring Kenneth Anger, Bobby Beausoleil, and Bill Beautel

Cinematography by Kenneth Anger

Mick Jagger’s repetitive electronic soundscape of buzzes, distortions, and slowly evolving variations in rhythm, is perfectly suited to Kenneth Anger’s use of kaleidoscopic images, many of which repeat in their own filmic rhythm. The moving images are superimposed on one another in constantly dissolving layers. The patterned light filters used to “paint” the film reminded me of Scissor Sisters’ 2011 “Invisible Light” music video, as did the use of occult imagery. This was the first film I’ve seen by Anger to feature explicit frontal nudity, and it generally seems to have been the most risqué of Anger’s films, in keeping with the mood of the late 1960s.

~ by Daniel N. Goldberg on June 6, 2011.

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