Assembling our Art Department


Dear Soul Friends,

The world of Manifest Refuge is such an important element in our screenplay for The Master Cleanse. We want it to feel as unique and specific and lifelike on camera as it does in our dreams.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you all to our production designer, Bill Clarke!

Raleigh News and Observer describes his previous work as “fabulous and efficient”. Time magazine has called his sets “remarkable”. Read more stellar reviews on his website.


Bill designed A WALK IN THE WOODS on Broadway, in Moscow and Vilnius, and for American Playhouse; at City Center he designed  the original musical ABBY’S SONG. Off-Broadway work includes the acclaimed revival of LEMON SKY (Keen Co), SO HELP ME GOD! (Lortel), MISALLIANCE (Pearl), SECRET ORDER (59E59), ECCENTRICITIES OF A NIGHTINGLALE (T.A.C.T.), JUNE MOON (Drama Dep’t), THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW (Mint), Ann Magnuson’s YOU COULD BE HOME NOW (NYSF), and THE INNOCENTS CRUSADE (MTC). He works extensively in regional theaters. He is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama, and recipient of a Hollywood DramaLogue Award, IRNE Award, and a San Diego Theater Critics Circle Award. His work on TV includes LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, CONAN O’BRIEN, ALL MY CHILDREN, and AS THE WORLD TURNS.

He will be assisted by Hye-Young Choi and Margaret Ragsdale, each of whom has background in design and a great eye.

We’ll be continuing to assemble some of our creative team in January 2013, but that doesn’t mean that this project is a done deal. We can’t share this vision with you all unless you show us some love in the next 29 days!

It’s 2013! The year of The Master Cleanse is upon us!


Daniel Goldberg

~ by Daniel N. Goldberg on January 7, 2013.

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