Becoming Brooklyn

We’ve all heard and told our fair share of Park Slope jokes, most of them mentioning strollers, but now the neighb is part of a new joke– or a satire. Daniel Goldberg (the Park Sloper pictured here) and other neighborhood residents are working on a project called The Master Cleanse: A Short Film, which he describes as a cross between Portlandia and Rosemary’s Baby and a “hipster comedy with a paranoid twist.”

So here’s what it’s about: A fictional commune, Manifest Refuge, is founded by a PhD/hippie in a Park Slope brownstone. But all the commune-ers have one thing in common, the very mysterious “The Master Cleanse.” A member falls in love with an outsider, which raises lots of suspicions about this so-called cleanse… and with plenty of romance, suspense, and comedy.

Daniel’s raising money through a Prospect Heights-based startup called Seed&Spark. Check it out and support the film here.

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~ by Daniel N. Goldberg on January 17, 2013.

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