The Master Cleanse in DNAinfo

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The Master Cleanse in DNAinfo

Young Filmmaker Sees Comedy in Park Slope’s ‘Striving for Perfection’

Smash: Season 2

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Smash Season 2

Click for my review of Smash: Season 2 in Slant Magazine

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Becoming Brooklyn

We’ve all heard and told our fair share of Park Slope jokes, most of them mentioning strollers, but now the neighb is part of a new joke– or a satire. Daniel Goldberg (the Park Sloper pictured here) and other neighborhood residents are working on a project called The Master Cleanse: A Short Film, which he describes as a cross between Portlandia and Rosemary’s Baby and a “hipster comedy with a paranoid twist.”

So here’s what it’s about: A fictional commune, Manifest Refuge, is founded by a PhD/hippie in a Park Slope brownstone. But all the commune-ers have one thing in common, the very mysterious “The Master Cleanse.” A member falls in love with an outsider, which raises lots of suspicions about this so-called cleanse… and with plenty of romance, suspense, and comedy.

Daniel’s raising money through a Prospect Heights-based startup called Seed&Spark. Check it out and support the film here.

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A Paranoid and Satiric Look at Park Slope

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A Paranoid and Satiric Look at Park Slope

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Clean sound is crucial to crafting a film that draws you into its world; you only notice the sound mixing when there’s something wrong, and Continue reading ‘MEET OUR SOUND MIXER!’


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Today I’d like you to meet Riona Faith O’Malley, the new wardrobe supervisor for my short film, The Master Cleanse who hails from Brooklyn, NY! Continue reading ‘MEET OUR WARDROBE SUPERVISOR!’

Enlightened: Season Two

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Enlightened: Season Two

Click for my first-ever four star review (out of four), as featured in Slant Magazine!

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